Syllabus - Spring 2013

De Anza College - Syllabus for 35a - for Spring 2013
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Introduction to Java Programming (CIS -035A)
Class time - 8:00pm to 9:50pm Mon and Wed
Online Hybrid hours - 3:15 pm to 4:30 pm on Tuesday.
Please watch out the dates for adding/dropping/withdrawing on De Anza's site.
Class - MLC 270
CIS Lab - ADM 119 (open till 9pm. If you want to go work on your own)

Office hours
Office hours - In room F51e -
Mon, Wed 4 p.m. to 5:50 p.m.
Faculty Information
Sukhjit Singh    
phone: 408 864 5566
Office Location: F51e
Course description    
Introduction to Java programming. Computing context, primitive types, flow of control constructs, operators, text I/O, objects and classes, interfaces, packages, GUI, exceptions, and threads.

Computer Information Systems 15BG or 26A. Advisory: English Writing 100B and Reading 100 (or Language Arts 100, or English as a Second Language 172 and 173.
Grading System for this course    
  For Letter Grade:
  Grade: A+ assigned with 97% or higher
  Grade: A assigned with 93% or higher
  Grade: A- assigned with 90% or higher
  Grade: B+ assigned with 87% or higher
  Grade: B assigned with 83% or higher
  Grade: B- assigned with 80% or higher
  Grade: C+ assigned with 77% or higher
  Grade: C assigned with 73% or higher
  Grade: D+ assigned with 70% or higher
  Grade: D assigned with 63% or higher
  Grade: D- assigned with 60% or higher
  Grade: F assigned with 0% or higher
  For Pass/No Pass:
  Grade: Credit assigned with 70% or higher
  Grade: No Credit assigned with 0% or higher
Final  -  40% of the grade
Labs  -  30% of the grade
Midterm  -  30% of the grade

Assignment Due dates      
Assignments Due Date
Programming Assignment 1 4/21/2013
Programming Assignment 2 5/4/2013
Programming Assignment 3 5/16/2013
Midterm 5/15/2013
Programming Assignment 4 5/31/2013
Programming Assignment 5 6/16/2013
Programming Assignment 6
Final 6/24/2013
Final Review              6/26/2013

Class Topics
Module       Topics covered by week Chapter references from Daniel Liang's book
Java Introduction - and your first Java Program Week 1  1 and 2
Variables, Expression, IO, Decision Making and Writing Functions. Week 2  3, 4 and 5
Looping, Arrays, Searching/Sorting Week 2  6 and 7
Strings, String Buffer, Introduction to Object Oriented Programming. Week 4  8, 9, 10
Advanced OOP Concepts - Inheritance, Polymorphism, Association, Encapsulation and Containment (Strong Association) Week 5  11 
Writing Packages, Abstract Classes, Wrapper Classes, Scope, File IO Week 6  14,
File IO Contd, Intro to Swing Week 7  12, 13
Swing Layout Mgmt and Swing Components Week 8  16, 17
Writing Applets, 2D Classes, Inner Classes and Collections Intro. Week 9  21, 22 and 23 (Light introduction only)
Interfaces, Exception Handling, Multithreading Bonus - Introduction to Android Development (if we have time) Week 10  15, 14 and 32

General information    
Required Text:
Introduction to Java Programming, Comprehensive (9th Edition) [Paperback] Y. Daniel Liang (Author) ISBN-10: 0132936526 ISBN-13: 978-013293652-1
List of Recommended books
The Java Programming language Second Edition by Ken Arnold and James Gosling.
Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel - Visit for a free online version.
You are responsible for completing all work assigned in this class in a timely fashion. You do not have to contact me with a reason of absence.
You should be enrolled in the class at De Anza College for getting course access and to attend the class.
Once you are added to the class it is your responsibility to withdraw. I will not drop you from the class. The earned grade will be assigned at the end of the quarter.
Academic Dishonesty
You are encouraged to discuss the ideas presented in the class. Copying or Cheating of work will result in zero grade for that assignment and may result in a failing grade. Basically I cannot tolerate cheating. You must work your solutions independently and all assignments and tests should be your own original work
NO MAKEUP TESTS WILL BE GIVEN. You must pass the final to get a passing grade in this class.
Submitting Lab Assignments
All assignments must be submitted electronically using the following guidelines.
Pl. email your assignments to
Include the following information in the subject line
1. Your section #
2. Lab #
3. Your legal name (as it shows on academic records)
Use Text files for everything you submit.
You may submit files only with the following extension
.txt (any design notes you want me to look at)
.java (your source code.)
.jpg or .gif (if you use any images for graphics programming
You must include a readme.txt (for lab4 onwards) providing instructions to review and run your code.
Adequately test your code and run the test run of your code in a file called testrun.txt.
Every file should have the following information
Your Name
Class and Section
Assignment Number
Due Date
Date Submitted
If you submit more than one file you must use winzip to compress all files into a single zip file and submit.

All Assignments are submitted by email to
Subject with each submission should be stated as - "CIS 35a - Lab <#>" - Replace # with the assignment number you are submitting.

Lab Grading Criteria
Full programming assignments will be evaluated with consideration given to
  • Accuracy (does the program solve the computing problem)
  • Adherence to Object Oriented Programming Methodology techniques (for Assignment 2 onwards)
  • Code readability and appearance
  • Naming Conventions
  • Documentation
  • Timeline
  • Professional Presentation


Honors Program
"An Honors cohort is being offered in this section.  If you are in the Honors Program you are welcome to participate in the cohort, and if you are not in the Honors Program but are eligible for the program, you are also welcome to participate as long as you have not taken an Honors class from De Anza previously.  Eligibility requirements can be found at or you may contact Alex Giardino at 

The cohort entails additional work (working on additional lab assignment that will take about 10 hours of class work time) in order to earn an Honors designation for this class on your transcript.  You must commit to participating in the Honors cohort by the fourth week of the quarter by submitting a signed cohort contract to the Honors Program office.  You may download a contract form from the Honors website. Once you commit to the Honors portion, you will be expected to complete the extra work.  Failure to complete the Honors work will result in a lowering of your Honors course grade."  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or, or 408-864-5785.  I have also attached a FAQ for instructors.

If you are enrolled in Honors Program then please contact me and I will provide you the additional requirements for participating in the honors program.