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What are some of the student learning outcomes and course objectives for this course?

posted Jan 8, 2013, 7:23 AM by Bob Singh
  • Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Read, analyze and explain intermediate level Java programs.
    • Design solutions for intermediate level problems using appropriate design methodology incorporating object-oriented intermediate programming constructs.
  • Course Objectives
    • Identify the Computing Basics and Java as a programming language.
    • Apply datatypes, expressions in basic Java programs.
    • Identify Input/Output functions and formatting techniques.
    • Build Simple Program using operators in expressions.
    • Demonstrate Flow of Control concepts in Java programs.
    • Demonstrate usage of Functions/Methods in writing programs.
    • Apply the concepts of Arrays in Java programs.
    • Identify Object Theory concepts including Overloading and Containment
    • Apply the concepts of Inheritance in Object Oriented Java programs.
    • Apply abstract classes and interfaces in java programs
    • Write programs to demonstrate the usage of File I/O API in Java.
    • Demonstrate usage of data structures in Java.
    • Demonstrate the basics of Exception Management in Java.