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Advantages of Using Swing
  • Swing has a richer and more convenient set of built-in controls like Trees, image buttons, tabbed panes, sliders, toolbars, color choosers, tables, text areas to display HTML or RTF, etc.
  • It depends far less on underlying platform; thus it is less prone to platform specific bugs.
  • It gives a consistent user experience across platforms.
  • Swing is more robust, portable and has more features than AWT. 
  • Swing is much more customizable. You can change border, text alignment, or add image to almost any control, can customize how minor features are drawn.
  • Swing has a pluggable look and feel i.e. you can change look and feel at runtime. 

Disadvantages of Using Swing
  • Swing-based user interface elements are far slower to appear on the user’s screen than the peer-based components used by AWT.