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Java Installation

In order to create Java applications Oracle offers ree development environment called as Java Developer's kit or JDK or Java 2 Platform Standard Edition. JDK is currently available for most operating systems. You can obtain the JDK version for Unix, Windows  and Macintosh directly from Oracle's web site. The address of this web site is:

For Mac users the following web site is a good starting point: 

Click the above URL to download the documentation for Macintosh (JDK version 1.1.7 for Mac). 

The following tools are included in JDK:

 Filename Tool Name Description
 appletviewerJava appletviewerUsed to view applets without using browser
 javaJava interpreterRuns java bytecode
 javacJava compilerCompiles java program to bytecode
 javadocJava documentation generatorCreates documentation in HTML from Java source code
 javahJava header and stub file generatorCreates C-language header and stub files from a Java class, which allows Java and C code to interact
 javapJava class disassemblerDisassembles Java files and prints out representation of Java
 JDBJava language debuggerHelps to find and fix problems in your Java code

Recommended IDE

Eclipse -