Class videos

This page has links for pre-recorded lectures and weekly review sessions.

Real Player is required to view video streams. 

Real Player is a free download, and is available for both Windows and Mac OS computers. 
To download the free player, go to 
You can verify your computer is able to view the streams on our servers by clicking on the following URL: Test Video Clip
Your computer should also be able to view the following ports: 554, 4040, 7070, 8080, 1755
Additional help may be found on the website help page.

Each of the lessons can be played with or with out captions. 

Click on the link below to play the lecture. If you don't have Real player installed then please install it.

Pre-recorded lectures

Not Captioned Captioned
Session 1 Session 1
Session 2 Session 2
Session 3 Session 3
Session 4 Session 4
Session 5 Session 5
Session 6 Session 6
Session 7 Session 7
Session 8 Session 8
Session 9 Session 9
Session 10 Session 10