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Preparing for your midterm

posted Jul 15, 2010, 7:55 PM by Sukhjit Singh
How do I prepare for midterm?
1. Make sure you have done all the assignment due on or before the midterm.
2. Do a thorough review of topics covered before the midterm - Session 1 through 5.
3. Exams are open book and notes. You can take your text books and printed notes. No electronic version of notes please. Sharing of book and notes is not allowed.
4. Take one or two pens.

What is the exam like?
1. Exam is going to be comprehensive.
2. Conducted for 2 hours at date/time and location defined in the syllabus.
3. You will be provided paper to write on along with exam questions.
4. Expect eight to ten questions.
5. Type of questions to expect
1. Reading Code 
2. Writing Code
3. Concept questions